Friday, August 30, 2013

TCS IT Wiz 2013 Indore Prelims

1.The website was in the news recently. What is special about this website ?
Ans:First registered domain
2.Identify this logo
3.What does CSI stands for in the context of computer associations in India ?
Ans:Computer Society of India
4.Which company has been named as the official IT consulting partner of the New Your City race, the flagship NYC Half 2013 ?
5."Lean in: Women, work and the will to lead" is a book by Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of which company ?
6.PARAM YUVA II was inaugurated India's fastest supercomputer.Who created it
7.The name of this company can be roughly translated from Japanese to English as "Leave Luck to Heven". Name the company ?
8.Identify the game
Ans:Angry Birds Star Wars
9."The Human Network" is the advertising campaign of which global MNC ?
10.What is the full-form of SQL ?
Ans:Structured Query Language
11.Who is the chairman of TCS ?
Ans:Cyrus Mistry
12.Identify the game
13.Before its launch, companies wanting to get an IP address had to apply to APNIC (Asia-Pacific Network Information Centre).But by setting this up, ISPs in India will be able to purchase this IP addresses from it instead of buying from international agencies. What is being spoken about here ?
Ans:National Internet Registery
14.Identify this person
Ans:Reid Hoffman


  1. Please update the rest of the questions.

    1. We don't have it now :/ .. We'll try yo get it

  2. answer no. 12 is not angry birds it is temple run

  3. some of question ... I remember ( we were the one topped the prelims )

    which company name come from " sun Dried bricks " ( hint was - the most used software by animators )

    A photo of virginia M rommetty ( asked to tell her designation )

    i think cut off was 14