Thursday, October 27, 2011

!T QU!Z 55

                                            IDENTIFY THE GAME


Saturday, October 22, 2011

!T QU!Z 54

                                              IDENTIFY THIS LOGO

LSI Corporation

Thursday, October 20, 2011

!T QU!Z 53

                                                    Identify this

Saturday, October 15, 2011

!T QU!Z 52

                                                IDENTIFY THIS LOGO
Marvell Technology Group

Thursday, October 13, 2011

!T QU!Z 51

                                               IDENTIFY THIS LOGO


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

!T QU!Z 50

                                               IDENTIFY THE LOGO


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

!T QU!Z 49

                               CONNECT THESE






Saturday, October 8, 2011

TCS IT WIZ Kochi Finals

                        Experience Anticipation
1. It was Originally developed by a guy named wes cherry .It remained a part of their offerings .What simple thing did gave the world of computing?
2.It's a region of memory which is called a whole data location while data is being moved from one location to another location. What is it technically called?
3.Entities in the collection, are kept in order & he  principle operations  are usually , addition to this entity list it normally work in a FIFO ( First In First Out) structure?
4.It is a better name by which the world knew the Intel x86  & the reason was it was made compatible with something else , hence this name?
5.Xerox developed this between 1973 & 1975 in many way it redefines modern computing.?
6.It was started as a research project at Telnor Telecom?
                            Audience questions
7.What do you call half of a byte?
8. It comes from greek mythology for chosing to appear something else.What did the world of computers is this?
9. Digital media files downloadable on hand
                         Experience Diversity
1.Identify him?
 A.Nicolas Zenstorm

2.A particular invention by the English computer scientist named James Plaskett in the mid 1990's is used today by a popular sport to track audio and video.Noices and images that could otherwise be lost.What was he founded?
3.Who or what is a 'Mouse Potato'?
A.A person who spends excessive amounts of time using a computer.
4.The term was first used in the cyberpunk science fiction written by William Gibson.Which term was thus coined?
5.Bradley chose this key combination because it is practically impossible to accidentaily press this combination of keys on a standard keyboard.Which key combination did David Bradley devise?

                                        @ TCS

1.What is today an offering from TCS at first of its kind fully integrated IT solution....[buzzer]
2.Universal Tube announced a joined partnership with TCS in Russia,Ukraine and the Republic of ....[buzzer]
3.Created in 2008 by TCS's innovation lap....[buzzer]
4.TCS actually provided its first solution for a system concern which was Tata's steel.What they provided then was a similar technology which was used....[buzzer]
A.Punched Cards

                              Experience Oneness

             Your's is Here                 +     




           Services                    +        



He is describing about AADHAR project


           +    and something related to MindTree


       "Nothing like anything"          +     Background song - Sing is King

                            Experience Acheivement 

                          Question 1
15-In 1959 when Hollerith limited took over Powers-Samas,they renamed it as International Computers & Tabulators.
10-It is a software wing of RPG group headquarted in Pune,India.
5-Dr.Ganesh Natarajan is the CEO of this company
                            Question 2
15-His company was the domain in India in 1996.
10-He is currently chairman of the Govt of India,Ministry of IT Committee in Internet Governance and Proliferation.
5-He is the chairman of the Board of Governers of the Indian Institute of Managemant,Calcutta.
Ans:Ajit Balakrishnan
                             Question 3
15-this technology was pioneered by John G Daugman,of University of Camebridge Computer Laboratory..
10-It is a form of Person recogination system.
Ans:Iris Technology


TCS IT Wiz Kochi Prelim 2011

1. In 1999,“The old man and the sea” became the first movie of film in the world to appear in what format?

2.What stands for the last two “E” in the “IEEE”?
A.Electronic Engeneering

3.In 1992,Bell south and a giant company came out with Simon,the first ever smart phone in the world.Who was the other company?
4.Identify the person who is the co-founder, present CEO & President of Sandisk Corporation?
A: Sanjay Mehrotra
5.“Go” is handheld game console from whom?
6.Microsoft realised very early that e books on the windows platform would be a big thing.They created a free downloadable software to help you browse through these ebooks on windows based
devices.What is it called from Microsoft?
7.What is full form of PCB as in PCB Boards?
A.Printed Circuit Board
8.Identify the inventor & mathematician?
   A.Blaise Pascal

9.DC Comics was tied up with which electronic giant to create the Super Hero universe for MMO game platforms.Who is its partner? 
10.Which technology giant ran the campaign “Life without walls”?
A.Microsoft Windows
11.Which company came out with the 'Zune' range of media players?
12.Which company is making this wrist watch 
13.It was a huge file sharing service, a P2P  which has to to stop services for leaking the song " I disappear" before the official release of the song. Which is the P2P service mentioned?
A: Napster
14.Paneesh Murthy is the chairman of which software company that recently took over Patni computers?
15.Which was the first restaurant chain to start online services as a trial way back in 1999 at University of California?
A: Pizza hut
16.Identify the logo?
17.It is a device used to forward data packets to the appropriate parts of a computer network. What is the device?
A: Router
18Which Hindi Daily today has partnered with Yahoo India & to promote the content in Hindi for Yahoo India.?
A: Jagran
19.Sony along with which other company develops Internet TV for Google. This company is better known for providing keyboards, mouse etc...?
A: Logitech
 20.Identify this person who is known as the father of logic?
A.George Boole       

Thursday, October 6, 2011

!T QU!Z 48

                                        CONNECT THESE


Ans:Android-Logo of Ascendeer corporation--they make the font for Android+HTC Dream--The first phone which used Android+Droid phone--Android uses the Droid font family created by ascendeer corporation+The robot named Android

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

!T QU!Z 47

                                  CONNECT THESE





Ans:Brain Virus-Basit&Amjad--creators of Brain virus+Brain--Name of the virus is Brain Virus+The Brain virus Attack.

!T QU!Z 46

                                     CONNECT THESE





Ans:CISCO-Padmasree Warrier CTO of Cisco+book cover of Golden Gate by Vikram Seth--Golden Gate is their logo+caption "Change the way we work,live,play and learn"--Cisco vision+Scientific Atlanta is Cisco company.                                                         

!T QU!Z 45

                                    CONNECT THESE




Ans:AOL-You've  got mail--Product placement in the movie+Oscar award statue--OSCAR protocol is the instsnt messaging protocol used+Rainman movie poster--RAINMAN is the publishing platform from them+Bebo logo--Social networking site acquired in 2008.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

TCS IT Wiz Kolkata prelim 2011

1.With which company would you associate the Optimus range of smart phones?

2.Which Taiwaneesw multinational compay has recently started making mobile phones named Liquid and Stream?
3.Identify the website that this man created?
A.Linkedin(Reid Hoffman
4.This is an common error message in internet .Recently a south Indian movie was made with the same title.Identify the movie title or the error message?
5.In videography we often find figures like 720p,1080p etc.What does 'p' mean?
A.Progressive Scans
6.This man created a website that we all use for ur TCS IT Wiz research.
A.Wikipedia (Jimmy Wales)             
7.This company was founded in 1970 by Alvin.B.Philips, a former Motorola employee.This company is one of the leading integrated circuit and storage device makers
A.Western Digital
8.Linux-based open source mobile operating system project.It was first announced at mobile world congress in February 2010 by Intel and Nokia in a joint press conference.AMD,Acer and Novell also supports the project.
9.Identify the logo?

10.What is Nomophobia?
A.Nomophobia is the fear of being out of mobile phone contact. The term, an abbreviation for "no-mobile-phone phobia".
11.The shorty awards are given to the developers of which website?
12.This tech savvy head of the state uses technology to reach out to her people
A.Angela merkel,Germany
13.Identify the logo?

A.AIM(AOL Instant Messenger)
14.This company is the pioneer P2P file sharing website.Identify the logo of the company?


Special thanks to  Dipyaman Chakrabarti who created this document on Quizzardo(Facebook group) 



!T QU!Z 44

                                           CONNECT THESE

 Ans:Toshiba-Vidya Balan brand ambassador+Toshiba partnered with the United Parcel Service(UPS) to design a better repair process+satelite is the name of their Laptops

Monday, October 3, 2011

!T QU!Z 43

                        CONNECT THESE

  a.                                                                                   b.

 c.                                                                                         d.

 Ans:XBOX 360-Bungie studios--developed the Halo game for XBOX+photo of J Allard--man responsible for creation of XBOX and Zune+XENON--CPU used in XBOX and also the project codename for XBOX+Livevision--Web cam designed by XBOX