Sunday, August 4, 2013

IT Quiz 118

1. X was an experimental self-replicating program written by Bob Thomas at BBN in 1971. It was designed not to damage but to demonstrate a mobile application.It is generally accepted to be the first computer virus.
2.X is a web browser developed by Y in Tokyo, Japan. It is unique in that it contains three rendering engines: Gecko,Webkit,and Trident.The user can switch between layout engines seamlessly.Identify X and Y
Ans:X : Lunascape , Y : Lunascape Corporation
3.Identify the game
4.Identify this person
Ans:Jack Smith (co-founder of Hotmail)
5.The X utility was authored by Mike Muuss in December 1983 as a tool to troubleshoot problems in an IP network.What's X ?
6.Identify this person

Ans:Alonzo Church (Influenced the creation of LISP)
7.Identify the robot
Ans:TOPIO (Tosy Ping Pong Playing Robot)
8.Who coined the term PDA ?
Ans:John Sculley
9.The idea of this comapny came to founder when he was forced to pay $40 in overdue fines after returning Apollo 13 well past its due date. What was founded?
10.“Flyte” is the online music store set up by which company?

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