Wednesday, August 17, 2011


1.Google's online payment processing system is called... ?
A.Google Checkout
2.If it's Flickr for Yahoo, what is it for HP?
3.If it's Flickr for Yahoo, what is it for HP?
4.Whose `Live' is to rival Intel's Viiv technology?
5.`Mine of Information'(MOI) and `The Information Mine' (TIM) were the names considered for... ?
A.'World Wide Web'
6.Which very popular site was founded by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim in February 2005?
A.You Tube
7.If it's iPod for Apple, then for whom is it iRiver?
A.South Korea's Reigncom
8.What is sometimes abbreviated as `<108,SYM,109>P'?
9.Name the technology devised by AMD, originally for notebooks, to curb power consumption by slowing down the processor when workload is reduced.
A.Cool n' Quiet
10.Whose low-cost PC project is called `Personal Internet Communicator'?
11.If Apple has the Shuffle and Creative the Zen, who has Sansa?
12.Who launched the Z5 to rival the iPod Nano?
13.Which cyber-major picked up Serious Magic, a privately held maker of video production software?
14.What was called `God's Programming Language' in the glossary of `The OpenGL Programmers Guide'?
A.The programming language C.
15.What was created in 1999 as the "Ethicode Artificial Conscience Project"?
A.The Jatalla search engine.

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