Saturday, August 27, 2011

!T QU!Z 21

1.What is Apple-Motorola's iTunes-compatible mobile phone called?
2.What was the flagship launch title for the Xbox when the console was released in 2001?
3.Name the Norwegian telecom company where Opera had its genesis in 1995.
4.Which famous portal has been instrumental for the `Nonprofit Innovation Award', the first winner of which is DonorsChoose?
5.Who has the two product families OpenView and StorageWorks?
6.Who was forced to withdraw a commercial after Catholics objected to seeing a young man wearing a crown of thorns with the slogan `Ten years of passion'?
A.Sony PS
7.What is Microsoft's paid-search advertising program called?
A.MSN AdCenter
8.Who launched India's first dial-up Internet access service?
9.Who was India's first ISP?
10.After which marine creature was IBM's TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server initiative codenamed?
11.Jonathan Ive, vice-president of Apple's Industrial Design, is credited with designing which colourful Apple product?
12.Fill in the blanks, with the name of a pioneer, in the title of the book: `Free as in Freedom: ______ ______ Crusade for Free Software' by Sam Williams.
A.Richard stallman
13.Which MS Office application was developed by Bob Gaskins, a former Berkeley Ph.D. student?
A.Power Point
14.What is the default spellchecker for OpenOffice called?
15.Who developed the Token-Ring LAN technology in the 1980s?

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