Tuesday, August 16, 2011


1.Paul A. Flaherty was a computer engineer who had the original idea for which pioneering search engine?
A.Alta vista
2.Which company launched the world's first HD DVD player?
3.Who is the publisher of the popular virtual world Second Life?
A.Linden Lab
4.Wilber the coyote is the official mascot of whom?
A.GIMP,the free bitmap graphics editor
5.What is the term used for the mobile device version of the Blue Screen of Death?
A.Dark Screen of Death
6.If it's Research in Motion for BlackBerry, then who is it for RedBerry?
A.China Unicom
7.What was the former name of Google Book Search?
A.Google Print
8.What was the former name of Yahoo! Search Marketing?
A.Overture Services, Inc.
9.If Windows PCs load using BIOS, what do Apple's Intel Macs use?
A.Extensible Firmware Interface
10.Which search-engine Web site's name was inspired by a poem written more than 800 years ago during the Song Dynasty?
11.Who is to build a $3.2-billion microprocessor plant at Saratoga Springs, New York?
12.What was originally launched in 1999 as FreeDiskSpace.com?
13.Name the Amazon-owned Web site that gives information on Web traffic to other Web sites.
14.Which browser advertises `your web, your choice'?
A.Opera 9
15.Who is Disney's largest individual shareholder?
A.Steve Jobs

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