Saturday, August 20, 2011


1.Who is called the `father of hand-held computing'?
A.Jeff Hawkins (founder of Palm)
2.What was SHARE formed in 1955 about?
A.It was an IBM users group.
3.Who sold off social network Bebo, chat cilent ICQ and an investment in travel search site Kayak in the past quarter?
4.Name the Japanese imaging major who is to introduce a-mouse calculator called 'X Mark I Mouse'?
5.How we better know "State-Wide Attention on Public Grievance by Application of Technology" of Gujrat?
6.Expand GUI
A.Graphical User Interface
7.What is Social petworking?
A.Websites for Pet animals
8.Who gave the name 'Computer Virus'?
A.Dr.Fred Kohen
9.Who is known as the Web master of Google doodles?
A.Dennis Hwang
10.Who is known as the father of Pentium?
A.Vinod Dham
11.Access is a product of whom?
12.Publisher is a product of whom?
13.The original name was nippon kogaku,meaning japanese optical.
14.What is MoFo?
A.Mozilla Foundation
15.A Tough one.Expand VERONICA?
A.Very Easy Rodent-Oriented Netwide Index to Compuerized Archives

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