Tuesday, July 30, 2013

TCS IT Wiz 2013 Hyderabad Prelims

Hi Friends here we are presenting the TCS IT Wiz 2013 Hyderabad Prelims Questions.We have our sincere thanks and wishes to Yash Baldawa, winner  of TCS IT Wiz 2013 Hyderabad who provided us the questions.

 1.The logo consists of Nordic runes of the king initials. According to legend, the king gained his nickname due to his love for berries which stained his teeth. Identify the technology ?
Ans: Bluetooth
2.In the world of technology, what does the acronym BYOD stands for ?
Ans: Bring Your Own Device
3.It started in the year 1938 as a small trading company with forty employees located in Su-dong. It dealt in groceries produced in and around the city and produced its own noodles. Who is this electronics giant ?
4.While PB & J stands for peanut butter and jelly, now it also stands for Process,Bureaucracy & Jams. Which technology company started this concept?
Ans: Yahoo
5.Turing awards recipient, computer scientist John McCarthy, coined this term in 1956 which means 'the science and engineering of making intelligent machines'. What term ?
Ans:Artificial Intelligence
6.In the term mVoIP, VoIP stands for 'voice over Internet Protocol', What does 'm' stands for?
7.According to a Google 2012 study which movie toped the 'most searched movie in India' category ?
Ans:Ek Tha Tiger
8.Under the aegis of Mr. Sam Pitroda , this was started to provide thousands of students' access to the best online study material through its vision of connecting classrooms across India.They recently concluded their first public lecture series on the theme 'Democratizing Information, justice, equality and the rule of law' at Delhi University. What is being talked about ?
Ans: National Knowledge Commission
9.'Present Yourself' is the tagline of which company ?
Ans: Slideshare
10.According to wikipedia, this involves various aspects of farm management such as plowing land,planting, growing and harvesting corps, harvesting trees and bushes, and raising livestock. What ?
11.Logo of ?
Ans:Google Drive
12.Who invented this , hint: It is the first CRT

13.Identify this person
Ans:Som Mittal
14.According to the american dialect , Which word in IT was coined the word of the year 2012 ?
15.Identify the logo
Ans: Microsoft Pixelsense
16.Who wrote this book

Ans:Clayton Christensen
17.Identify the Social Networking Site
Hint:Acquired by Justin Timberlake recently
18.This is the method of retrieving another users data,such as personal details and credit card info. What?
19.Name the famous comic strip by Scott Adams which has now been digitized and is available for download
20.When someone pointed out that the tiny buttons on company's device looked like a collection of small seeds. Also the fact that the phones were manufactured only in black.Thus what name what given to the phone ?


  1. Congratulations Yash. Had a great time being one of the teams in the Finals. Our Buzzer had issues where we lost a 10 Point question making us lose the Runner Up Title. Fate always plays its role. Expected a longer version for the finals. To all the followers of this Blog, it is extremely useful. try links like http://www.famouslogos.net/, http://techtcsitwiz.blogspot.in/. All the best to the top 2 teams for the National Finals. Any contact to dkrish24@gmail.com for any assistance with TCS quiz in the future. http://briteit.blogspot.in/, if there is a way I can provide assistance, please contact me on by mail

  2. Replies
    1. Cutoff was 12 . Tiebreaker questions made some teams out

  3. BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device and not Build Your Own Device


  5. Dude what kind of prizes to people get!

  6. On the 3rd question....It started int he year. Correct it as It started in the year!

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