Saturday, August 9, 2014

TCS IT Wiz 2014 Bangalore Prelims

1.Which famous tech giant's first Indian acquisition was Little Eye Labs, a Bangalore based company ?
2.Mike Muss named it after the sound made by sonar's which were used in naval warfare techniques ?
3.It was first named Green but the name had to be changed because of copyright issues . The creator then named it after his favorite type of coffee. What ?
4.Cheetah , Puma, Jaguar & Panther are all versions of what ?
Ans:Mac OS
5.What was launched by Apple as Local Integrated Software Architecture which was said to be named after Steve Job's daughter ?
6.Mime360 , WeRead , & Letsbuy are all acquisitions of ?
7.The company is headquartered at 1 Infinite Loop , Cupertino , California . Which company ?
8.It was a multiplayer shooting game with the characters being Bill 'Mad Dog' Rizer and Lance 'Scorpion' Bean .  Which game ?
9.Eric Ly and Allen Blue were the co-founders of which company which have another 3 famous co-founders ? [hint:Networking Giant]
10.Who was the American activist who created RSS at his age of 14 ?
Ans:Aaron Swartz
11.The Atlas, created by University of Manchester was the world's first what ?
12.Jyoti Basu, then the CM of West Bengal , called the Minister of Telecom, Sukh Ram, who was in Sanchar Bhavan ,Delhi at the time. This was the first instance of what in India ?
Ans:First cellphone call
13.Jawbone , Pebble, Neo and Fitbit are all types of what technology ?
14.This 244 year old publications has decided to stop publishing and go completely online . Which one ? [hint:A quizzer's favorite reference guide]
Ans:Encyclopedia Brittanica
15.What in this world was created in a research lab by Xialong Zhang ? [hint:Ma Huateng]
16.This book is about which company ?
17.Identify the game
Ans:World of Warcraft
18.Identify the person [hint:A famous designer]
Ans:Jonathan Ive
19.Founder of which company ?
Ans:Pinterest (Ben Silberman)
20.This is the old logo of what ?

Credits : Dork's Corner