Friday, August 1, 2014

TCS IT Wiz 2014 Hyderabad Prelims

Hi Friends here we are presenting the TCS IT Wiz 2014 Hyderabad Prelims Questions.We have our sincere thanks and wishes to Lucky Kaul  (2nd Runner up of TCS IT Wiz 2014 Hyderabad) who provided us the questions.

Cutoff: 16

1.Who was the first chairman of TCS ?
Ans: J R D Tata
2.What is Universe of Blogs better known as ?
3.Identify this logo
4.Expand Saas
Ans:Software as a Service
5.Who is regarded as the father of 'Pentium Chip' ?
Ans:Vinod Dham
6.Identify this person
Ans:Salman Khan(Khan Academy)
7.Which company's headquarters is located at '1 Hacker Way' ?
8.What was Microsoft's first ever product had helped them get a lot of money?
9.Which social networking site was founded by Dennis Crowley and Naveen Selvadurai ?
Ans: Foursquare
10..Which e-commerce website was launched through a provision in the 1999 Railway  Budget ?
11.US Dept of defense created a programming language after which pioneering lady in the same field in 1994. Who is she ?
Ans:Ada Lovelace 
12.Which British pioneer in the world of computing was ranked way ahead of Tim-Berners Lee who was at 99.[Hint:has an award and test named after him]
Ans:Alan Turing
13.Named 'Dragon' this spacecraft became the first ever commercial spacecraft to venture into the International Space Station .Which company would you associate 'Dragon' with? [hint:its a word and a letter]
14. Eugene,Natalya,Sachin Tendulkar & Jackie Chan . What is the connection ?
15.Which is the most downloaded app on Google Play [Hint:Made by Google]
16.Identify the person
Ans:Andy Grove
17.Identify the game [hint:the 'Super' game]
Ans:SuperMario 3D
Ans:World Wide Web Consortium
19.Who is being referred here?

Ans:Marissa Mayer
20.Who owns this entity now ?

N.B : A special mention to Siddharth B Rao & Upamanyu Datta (Winners of TCS IT Wiz 2014 Hyderabad Winners) and Pranav Mihir K & Arjun S. Kallapur ( Runners up of 2014 Hyderabad)