Wednesday, September 5, 2012

TCS IT Wiz 2012 Pune Prelims

Hi friends, Here we are presenting the TCS IT WIZ 2012 Pune Prelim Questions.The questions were provided by the TCS IT Wiz 2012 Pune Winner Gayanendra Mishra on Facebook

1.Developed in the 1970s by Cleve Moler at MathWorks.Is a revolution in the education industry
2.What is the full form of IBIBO?
Ans:iBuild iBond
3.Compatibility and Quality was its motto and it derived its name from it.What?
5.Matthew Charles "Matt" Mullenweg created a website that helps others create other blogs.What did he create ? 
6.It was started as a Card Making company in 1889.Which company?
7.Who is the CEO of IBM ?
Ans:Virginnia Rometty
8.Headquarters of which company ?
9.Who is known as the father of Pentium Chips ?
Ans:Vinod Dham
10.Expand XIF
Ans:Xerox Image Format
11.What does he create ?
Ans:TCP/IP(Bob Khan)
12.From Latin icon, from Ancient Greek εἰκών "likeness, image, portrait". Eastern Orthodox Church sense is attested from 1833. Computing sense first recorded in 1982.Now a common part of the computer lingo.(pick gave a give away clue:can be seen as tiny images on computers).
13.With which indain mobile maker did intel make xolo ?
14.What did they create ?
15. A X is a type of digital media consisting of an episodic series of audio, video, PDF, or ePub files subscribed to and downloaded through web syndication or streamed online to a computer or mobile device. Identify X ?
16.Identify the author
Ans:Andrew Tanenbaum
17. Discontiuned on December 15,2011 to make way for Google Plus.Identify the service
Ans:Google Buzz
18.Had to leave yahoo as it was found that he did not really have a degree and his degree was fake.Identify the person ?
Ans:Scott Thompson
19.Bob Young and Marc Ewing started what in 1993 which has made signicant contributions in the world of linux?

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