Wednesday, April 18, 2012

TechnoQuiz Mega Quiz Prelims

 Some questions from Technoquizz Quiz Portal Mega Quiz Prelim

1.Expand MLAPI ?
Ans:MultiLingual Application Programming Interface
2. Bruce Bastian and Dr. Alan Ashton started this company as Satellite Software International. It released a word processor with name X. Later the company’s name was changed of X corp. It succeeded in giving a firm competition to Word Star. Later it had developed competition to Word Star. Later it had developed compatibility problems with windows, so lost it charm. For Ex: Alt+F4 meant bold text in X but it meant closing the application in windows. It was later purchased by Novell in June 1994 and later fell into hands of Corel in January 1996. ID X.
Ans:Word Perfect
3.Who Developed “Graffiti”, the hand-writing recognition system?(Any One)
Ans: Jeff Hwakins(some others also)
4.Identify the person
Ans:Ray Noorda

5.Who is the Father of RFID
Ans:Charles walton
6.Micromikko range of PC’s were once manufactured by this company Eventually they sold their PC selection to Fujitsu in 1980’s- ID the company.
7.Identify ?

Ans:Cray 1
8.Name all the founders of Facebook.
Ans: Mark Zhukerberg , Dustin Muzkovitz , Chris Huges , Eduardo Saverin 
9.Who quoted “I Would Trade all my technology for an afternoon with Socrates”
Ans:Steve Jobs
10.Identify him ?
Ans: Noah Glass
11.Identify her ?
Ans:Jane Silber
12.This technology started as cable replacement technology. Beside other uses, it also used to power door bells. It has been named after a Viking King. What is it?
13.The Graphics Processor for Playstation 3 is codenamed?
14.Identify him ?
 Ans:Ivan Seidenberg
15.identify the logo ?
Ans : Dolphin Web Browser
16.Identify the person?

Ans:Vannevar Bush
17.Identify ?
18.Which is IBM's fastest computer ?
19.Identify him ?
Ans:Reid Hoffman
20.Identify ?

Ans:PDP 1

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