Saturday, October 8, 2011

TCS IT Wiz Kochi Prelim 2011

1. In 1999,“The old man and the sea” became the first movie of film in the world to appear in what format?

2.What stands for the last two “E” in the “IEEE”?
A.Electronic Engeneering

3.In 1992,Bell south and a giant company came out with Simon,the first ever smart phone in the world.Who was the other company?
4.Identify the person who is the co-founder, present CEO & President of Sandisk Corporation?
A: Sanjay Mehrotra
5.“Go” is handheld game console from whom?
6.Microsoft realised very early that e books on the windows platform would be a big thing.They created a free downloadable software to help you browse through these ebooks on windows based
devices.What is it called from Microsoft?
7.What is full form of PCB as in PCB Boards?
A.Printed Circuit Board
8.Identify the inventor & mathematician?
   A.Blaise Pascal

9.DC Comics was tied up with which electronic giant to create the Super Hero universe for MMO game platforms.Who is its partner? 
10.Which technology giant ran the campaign “Life without walls”?
A.Microsoft Windows
11.Which company came out with the 'Zune' range of media players?
12.Which company is making this wrist watch 
13.It was a huge file sharing service, a P2P  which has to to stop services for leaking the song " I disappear" before the official release of the song. Which is the P2P service mentioned?
A: Napster
14.Paneesh Murthy is the chairman of which software company that recently took over Patni computers?
15.Which was the first restaurant chain to start online services as a trial way back in 1999 at University of California?
A: Pizza hut
16.Identify the logo?
17.It is a device used to forward data packets to the appropriate parts of a computer network. What is the device?
A: Router
18Which Hindi Daily today has partnered with Yahoo India & to promote the content in Hindi for Yahoo India.?
A: Jagran
19.Sony along with which other company develops Internet TV for Google. This company is better known for providing keyboards, mouse etc...?
A: Logitech
 20.Identify this person who is known as the father of logic?
A.George Boole       

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