Wednesday, September 21, 2011

!T QU!Z 36

1.'Start a following' is the tagline of ?
2.ENQUIRE was a prototype system made by which tech personality?
A.Tim Berners Lee
3.Name the recently unveiled music file format, developed by some of the key figures.Behind the MP3 and intended to be a competitor to Apple's iTunes LP.
A.Music dna
4.Which Nobel Laureate started tweeting from late February after meeting President Obama and on a suggestion by Twitter founder Evan Williams?
A.Dali lama
5.which social networking site servers crashed after users were updating their status...?
6.The first message sent over the pioneering Arpanet was ‘login'. On which letter is the link said to have crashed?
7.the first tab to have a super amolded plus display is_________
8.itself variously translates as "achievement", "magnificent act", "splendid act" or "China can“
A.Huawei adobe photoshop cs,what does cs stand for?
A.Creative suite..
9.The essay " why the future doesn't need us " made a history in US. The author was the co founder of stanford university network . Who is he ?
A.Vinod Koshla
10.Name the 1st music playing robot of sony !

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