Thursday, September 15, 2011

!T QU!Z 32

1.What is Sun Microsystems's Linux desktop software based on X86 chip called?
A.Mad Hatter
2.What is the successor to Intel's Prescott desktop chip called?
3.Expand DWF as used in the Autodesk product.
A.Design Web Format.
4.Which company, in 2003, became the first to manufacture and ship 500 million mice?
5.Who makes the banking product Finacle?
6.Who was the co-author of Bill Gates' best-selling Business @ the Speed of Thought?
A.Collins Hemmingway.
7.Which globally famous job-search portal's trademarked tagline is `never settle'?
8.Which law in `mathematical language' would be: "where N is the number of nodes, the power of a network is N squared."
A.Metcalfe's Law
9.What concept, integral to the Net, was developed by Theodor Holm Nielsen in 1960?
10.Which well-known US ISP did Charles Brewer, a Stanford University MBA found?

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