Saturday, September 10, 2011

!T QU!Z 29

1.What is Apple's device that will stream movies from a computer to a TV codenamed?
2.Which highly successful portal takes its name from a Song Dynasty poem written several centuries ago?
3.What is
A.It's the philanthropic arm of Google.
4.Who has inked a deal that will help it supply eBay with Web search advertising outside the US?
5.Which Indian company became the first to be assessed enterprise-wide, for CMMI and PCMM at Level 5 in 2004?
6.Al Gore, the former US Vice-President, and the Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, are among the eight board members of which iconic cyber-corporate?
7.What is Sun Microsystems's project to help developers of online games with server-side technology called?
A.Project Darkstar
8.Which cyber-major picked up Serious Magic, a privately held maker of video production software?
9.Name Motorola's device,which competes with RIM's BlackBerry.
A.Moto Q Phone
10.'Experience Change'is the tagline of which company?

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