Tuesday, October 9, 2012

TCS IT Wiz 2012 Lucknow Prelims

Hi Friends here we are presenting the TCS IT Wiz 2012 Lucknow Prelims Questions. The questions were provided by Sanchit Bansal, participant of TCS IT Wiz 2012 Lucknow.

1.Dylan is a programming language from which famous company ?
2.Originally founded as in house technology unit of Dun & Bradstreet in 1994, by Kumar Mahadeva.And Headquartered at Teaneck,New Jersey,USA.Which company ?
3.In computing, it  is a reference to data that the reader can directly follow, or that is followed automatically.What ?
4.Identify this person

Ans:Ajay Bhatt
5.First web browser in 1990 was made by whom ?
Ans:Tim Berners Lee
6.First tab with jelly bean onboard ?
Ans:Nexus 7
7.Its business and government customers consisted mainly of wireless voice and broadband systems (used to build private networks), and, public safety communications systems like Astro and Dimetra(hint:Neil Amstrong spoke the famos words "One small step for a man,one giant leap for mankind" through the product of this company from Moon)

9.It is a diagnostic utility included in MS-DOS and Windows 9x. It checks and repairs file systems errors on a disk drive.What ?
Ans:Scan Disk
10.First products: "JetMate" laser printer driver, for producing high quality Chinese characters, and "KeyPro" software protection system.Which company?
11.Identify the logo
12.It  is a tile-matching puzzle video game created by Raptisoft Games, and published by PopCap Games. It is named after the multi-colored fuzzballs around which the game revolves.(Options:Chuzzle,Popsicle,Fuzzicle )
13.This a big hit on net.Rise of a meme by a Korean rapper PSY,song is a style. Which style ?
Ans:Oppa Gangnam style
14.Identify this person

Ans:Pierre Omidyar
15.Chomp is a search and discovery company,part of which giant?
16.Personais a secure multi browser website authentication mechanism prototyped  by which company
Ans:Mozilla Foundation
17.Identify the logo
Ans:Deviant Art
18.Nvidia : Geforce ::: _______ : Radeon
19.Snapdragon Soc of which company ?
20.Ad Campaign of which company ?


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