Saturday, November 12, 2011

TCS IT Wiz 2011 Delhi Prelim

I have my sincere thanks & wishes for the 1st runner up of TCS IT WIZ 2011 Delhi , VISHAL GOLCHA, who provided us the question.
1. This was created by Hasbro in 1967,which allows the user to create glowing designs?
2.This P2P file sharing service ran into trouble after it circulated the song 'I Disappear' by Metallica,even before it was officially released .Which is that P2P file sharing service?
3.At 15,he published a book on ethickal hacking and started a website called 'Hacking Truths'.Identify him?
Ans.Ankit Fadia
4.These awards are called the Nobel Prizes of Information Technology?
Ans.Turing Award
5.Expand WPAN?
Ans.Wireless Personal Area Network
6.What is a propriety software called that has a trial version?
7.The first commercially available digital camera was in the 1990s.Identify this?
(options:1)Digicam 2)Dycam 3)Maxcam)
8.Which electronic giant has the LCDs with the name SyncMaster?
9.On what occasion was this  put up for a day on Google  home page, drawn by a 14 year old?
Ans.Children's Day
10.Which sound technology was used for the first time in 'Batman Returns'? You now usually see it on film posters a lot.
11.What is the compact wireless router called that connects to 5 devices at a time within the range of 10m?
12.Which device from Amazon made TOI publish a headline (something like) ‘E-book market has been transformed’?
13.This is a product by Asus.It named after a very famous toy.Give the name of this?
Ans.Asus Eee Pad Transformer
14.'' provided one of the first services of something in the US.What is it?
Ans.Wireless Telecommunication
15.CompuServe Information Service, also known by its acronym CIS, first major commercial online service in the United States was acquired by which company?
16.This was released by Sony,after it's sucess of Walkman.It's a portable TV .What was this product called?
17.After which American scientist was a township in Menlo Park, New Jersey renamed to in 1954?
Ans.Thomas Alva Edison
18.This gadget topped the Timt list of "Top 10 Gadgets of 2010".Most likely,it's to top  the 2011 too.Which is that gadget?
19.This is a company owned by 3com.It provided one of the first services of its kind .Give me the namr of the service?
Ans.Internet Radio
20.Originally Microsoft wallet,Microsoft passport,NET passport ,then briefly Microsoft Passport Network.Which service from Microsoft i am talking about?
Ans.Windows Live ID

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