Tuesday, June 24, 2014

IT Quiz 137

1.Identify the person
Ans:Rajeev Suri(CEO Nokia)
2.X is a home automation company headquartered in Palo Alto, California, that designs and manufactures sensor-driven, Wi-Fi-enabled, self-learning, programmable thermostats and smoke detectors. Co-founded by former Apple engineers Tony Fadell and Matt Rogers in 2010.On January 14, 2014, Google acquired X for US$3.2 billion and left X to use its own brand.What is X ?
Ans: Nest Labs
3.Nesus 5 : LG
   Nexus 7 : Asus
   Nexus 10 : ?
4.Identify (hint : Something that made millions of people to change their passwords on the sites)
Ans:Heartbleed Bug
5.The initial release of this OS was called "Kaajanlampi" , and the next update was called "Laadunjärvi" ,and the latest update is called "Saapunki". Which is the OS i'm talking about ?
Ans:Sailfish OS
6. X is an antivirus software developed by a domestic IT firm Innovazion , the antivirus is named after a famous Indian personality . Name the antivirus
Ans:Namo Antivirus ( PM. Narenda Modi)
7.Identify the person and the company he founded
Ans: Lee Byung-chul, founder of Samsung
8.Who is the current CEO of Micromax ?
Ans:Vineet Taneja
9. X is a product from Apple. Ken Segall was an employee at an L.A. ad agency handling Apple's account who came up with the name "X" and pitched it to Steve Jobs. Steve wanted the product to be called "MacMan", but eventually warmed to Ken's suggestion. X was first introduced in blue colour . What is X ?
10.First logo of ?


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