Tuesday, August 30, 2011

!T QU!Z 23

1.PlayNow Plus is a “super-fast, high-quality music download service” from…?
A.Sony Ericsson
2.Which of Google’s applications was initially named Dory after the inquisitive fish from Finding Nemo?
A.Google Moderator
3.With which company would one associate the new enterprise desktop client called ‘Project Genesis’?
4.What is Sun Microsystems’ four-lettered Nasdaq code?
5.Writer-producer Aaron Sorkin, the co-creator of ‘The West Wing’, is to write a film about the creation of which popular social-networking site?
6.The informal motto of Google is….?
A.'Don't be evil'
7.Which online giant is acquiring Shelfari.com, the book networking site, and AbeBooks.com, which specialises in out-of-print book sales?
8.Which telephone giant has a trademark on the term ‘flip phone’?
9.RIM’s first touchscreen device and device without a physical keyboard is codenamed…?
A.Blackbery Thunder
10.The HQ of what is located at 701 First Avenue, Sunnyvale, California?
11.Who developed Packet switching theory?
A.Leonard Kleinrock at MIT in 1961.
12.Which visual search engine has the tagline ‘Find.Organize.Share’ on its Web site?
13.Who has launched an electronic book reader called PRS-700?
14.Name the San Francisco start-up company that created Twitter.
15.In the history of Apple, for what is Jef Raskin most remembered?
A.Starting the Macintosh project.

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